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  • Help for Me

    Empowering you to live your best life.
  • Help for My Relationships

    Cultivating intimate, satisfying relationships that flourish.
  • Help for My Child

    Helping you and your child successfully navigate the stages of life.
  • Help for My Organization

    Partnering with you through coaching and consultation.

The Summit: Compassionate, caring, and professional guides on your path to being happy.

Programs & Groups

9684267Register yourself or your child for one or more of our clinical programs & groups designed to meet needs for all ages and stages of life.

Upcoming Events

9893675Save the date and participate in any of our upcoming community trainings, lunch & learns, or other upcoming events at The Summit.

Support the Summit

9968991Get involved and make a difference. Here’s your opportunity to pay it forward & help others who couldn’t otherwise afford counseling.

Recommended Resources

23335515You’re invited to check out helpful articles, our staff written book reviews, and shop online for resources that will help you live well.

About The Summit Counseling Center

Since 1990 the Summit Counseling Center has brought hope and healing to people in need at every stage of life providing a wide range of specialty services for individuals, couples and families. Summit therapists are fully licensed and offer professional counseling integrating body, mind, spirit, and community.

Whether you are looking for coaching to go to the next level, counseling for the challenges of life, or in need of professional therapy, we foster a safe, confidential, caring environment in which lives are reclaimed, relationships are revived, and hope is renewed.

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The Summit Counseling Center
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