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In Bob Goff’s book Love Does he writes, “People need love and acceptance more than they need advice.” I feel like that statement best sums up why I do what I do. Essentially, I want to be a safe place where people can talk openly without judgment and assist them in finding effective practices and skills to help overcome life stressors so that they may be at peace with themselves and the environment that surrounds them.”

The goal of Brittany’s practice is to take a holistic approach in assisting children and adults to live at peace with themselves, their relationships, and their environment. As your therapist, she will first build a strong therapeutic relationship, attempt to understand what it’s like to be you, and build trust and mutual respect. She believes her role as your therapist is to challenge and encourage you by being a safe place to talk, teaching you new coping skills, and helping navigate your path to insight and change.

Brittany specializes in children/adolescents that are experiencing various challenges such as: child trauma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, self-harm, self- esteem, behavior disorders, etc. Brittany assists parents with tools for effective discipline at home. Brittany also enjoys working with adults that have  adjustment disorders and/or life transitions (i.e. going to college, career changes, relationships issues, “Quarter Century Crisis,” and “Peter Pan Syndrome”). Brittany integrates many therapeutic approaches that are proved best practice methods and are specific to your individual needs. Through collaboration and creativity, Brittany will assist you in pursuing inner peace and positive change.

Before working at Summit, Brittany worked at another agency as a school-based mental health counselor since 2015. From 2014-2015, Brittany practiced TFCBT and play therapy as an intern at an advocacy center for children that have been sexually and/or physically abused. Before graduating with her masters of science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University in 2015, Brittany worked at a private Christian school in North Georgia from 2012-2013 providing individual/small group education services for middle grades students with mental and/or behavior disorders. From 2011-2012 Brittany worked at a private education center in San Diego, California with students that were severe on the spectrum of Autism Spectrum Disorder, where she used applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques. This is the job that made Brittany want to continue on to higher education and begin a career in the mental health field.

In her free time Brittany enjoys exploring new places, doing anything outdoors, looking for the perfect cup of coffee, reading books, doing creative projects around the house, and spoiling her dog.

Brittany is under the supervision of Carleen Newsome, M.S., LPC



  • B.A. English (emphasis Creative Writing) at University of West Georgia
  • M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Mercer University


  • NCC
  • LPC


  • Anger Management group for children and adolescents
  • Self-esteem group for adolescents
  • Social skills group for children and adolescents


  • Effective discipline strategies for parents to use in the home
  • Effective strategies for professionals working with students with problem behaviors
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