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Licensed Professional Counselor
DBT Program Director
Intensively Trained DBT Clinician

Laura’s Blog

“Your story is not complete yet, and beauty can truly rise from the ashes.”

Laura began her counseling career, knowing that she wanted to focus in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Having been exposed to the effects that chronic and complicated mental health issues can have on an individual and their family, she wanted to equip herself to be able to step into the chaos and help those suffering to find hope where there seems to be none. She is passionate about walking with those who have come under her care, as well as her team, knowing the trust it takes to journey together. Drawing from her own life, her experience and her training, Laura strives to provide the highest level of care.

Ms. Arcuragi has worked in client care across a variety of settings, from inpatient settings such as Ridgeview Institute, to multi-level care settings like Skyland Trail, and even group practice and her own private practice. Knowing that her clients will have tried almost everything to find hope and relief, it has been important to her to have first-hand knowledge of what they may have faced, regardless of where they have been. All of her clinical experience brings a fresh approach and compassion to those who have tried all they could without finding the hope that is available. With that, she hopes to help them finally turn the last corner in order to find the freedom they deserve.

Laura’s favorite pastimes are spent with her husband, her daughter, and her faithful dog, Bo. For her own self-care and fun, she enjoys dancing, yoga and painting.

Licensure, Certifications, and Professional Affiliations:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Georgia
  • Member, National Certified Counselor
  • Member, American Counseling Association
  • Intensively Trained DBT Clinician, Behavioral Tech LLC
  • Trained Gottman Couples Therapy, Level One

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