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The Summit Counseling Center
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The Summit Counseling Center has two affiliations that are essential to understanding its history, identity, and mission

Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church

The Summit Counseling Center originally began as a ministry of the Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church (www.MountPisgah.org) in 1990. As the church, the community and the counseling center experienced record growth in the 1990’s, the counseling center became more formally organized as a separate and independent non-profit corporation with its own Board of Directors and an Executive Director in October of 1998.

In February of 1999, the Internal Revenue Service declared the Summit a tax exempt 501, c, 3 non-profit corporation.  In 2004, Mount Pisgah included The Summit in “The Promise Before Us” Capital Campaign. With this funding and additional donor support by individual donors, The Summit completed construction on our new facility and occupied our current offices in June of 2007.

We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support of Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church and their congregation of generous, grateful supporters.

The Samaritan Institute

The Summit Counseling Center is accredited by The Samaritan Institute (www.SamaritanInstitute.org), an association of over 500 professional counseling Centers located in 365 cities throughout the United States and Japan.  These independent counseling centers provide spiritually integrated counseling, psychotherapy, education and consulting.

The Institute provides affiliated Centers with administrative and financial consultation, accreditation, spiritual integration training and resources, management resources, educational events, leadership development, new program development, national representation and research. The Institute’s mission is to help affiliated Centers provide team-oriented, cost-efficient counseling, education, and consultation which emphasize the interrelatedness of mind, body, spirit, and community.

The Summit joined the Samaritan Institute and received provisional accreditation in April of 2008 followed by a site visit and full accreditation in 2010.

The Summit Counseling Center
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