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The New Normal by Sonya Collins (excerpt from GSU Magazine)


student-studyingThe New Normal
By Sonya Collins
Georgia State University Magazine
Summer 2015

“Are we on the cusp of a future where we can just take a pill to work longer, learn faster and achieve more”, that is the question that Sonya Collins, an Atlanta-based independent journalist poses in her recent article in the GSU Magazine.  As we raise a generation of college students that pop a pill to cram for an exam, are the stakes getting higher?  Are we creating a culture where employees will feel the pressure of being overlooked for a promotion because their coworkers are putting in longer hours with the help of stimulants?  In this thought provoking article, Ms. Collins addresses the ethics of Neuroenhancement.  Follow this link to read the article in its entirety.

The New Normal

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