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Transitions: How to Cope With Change and Set Realistic Expectations and Cope With Transition

Mariah (Dantzler) McFetridge

LeavesChange is inevitable, in fact they say that the only thing in life that is constant is change. If we pay attention, we can see that even in nature things are constantly changing. The seasons change, the tide changes, and climate changes. Change can be a difficult reality to accept but we have learned that once you do, things get a lot easier. Here are ways we can embrace change and cope with new situations:

  • Don’t set rigid expectations for a new situation. Once we have a situation planned out in our mind how it is going to go, we make ourselves stuck to that one scenario, a scenario that was made up in our head. Instead, predict possible “most likely scenarios” and use logic to ask yourself “what is likely to be some outcomes that could happen in this change?”
  • Keep a ritual or routine. Whenever a big change in our life is occurring, we want to maintain some sort of familiarity. For instance, if we are transitioning schools then maybe we still listen to our favorite songs on the bus ride to school each morning or pack the same snack at lunch.
  • Pick an intention to set that will guide you and ground you throughout this new season. Reflect, journal or meditate on that intention through out the season of newness.
  • Problem solve. Use problem solving techniques to try to overcome road blocks that arise. Remember, sometimes a way to problem solve is by practicing acceptance.

Change doesn’t have to be something that we dread, it can open us up to new possibilities and growth!

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