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Couples & Relationships Issues we address at The Summit

This is a brief sample of some of the issues that Summit therapists are accustomed to helping couples with!  If you don’t see your concern listed, please let us know and contact our office to see if we can help!

  • Dating couples considering marriage and learning to work on their relationship
  • Engaged couples actively planning and preparing for marriage
  • Couples without children who want to work on their relationship
  • Couples struggling with infertility or losses in pregnancy
  • Couples adjusting to the addition of young children into their relationship and becoming parents
  • Couples managing the busy lives of school age children
  • Couples torn in different directions by their work or roles
  • Couples struggling with differences in their approaches to parenting
  • Couples trying to improve their emotional intimacy
  • Couples wanting to improve their sexual intimacy
  • Couples trying to establish boundaries with in-laws and other family members
  • Couples stuck in gridlock and trying to resolve a disagreement
  • Couples wanting to improve their communication skills
  • Couples coping with an addiction to alcohol or other drugs
  • Couples coping after the discovery of an extramarital affair
  • Couples resolving difficulty with finances
  • Couples responding to a spouse’s job stress
  • Couples adapting to a recent relocation
  • Couples coping with caring for an aging parent
  • Couples discussing their retirement transition and plans

If you are ready to speak to one of our friendly front office staff about The Summit or would like to make an appointment, please call (678)893-5300.  Or, you can select from the Couples and Relationship Menu on the right to learn more about The Summit.

The Summit Counseling Center
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