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What is a Marital Assessment?
A Marital Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the dynamics in a marriage relationship.  Using an approach that is based on the ground-breaking research of John Gottman, Ph.D., our therapists conduct comprehensive interviews with couples and provide both verbal feedback, a written feedback report, and a written recommended plan for Marital Therapy.

What is the structure of a Marital Assessment?
A Marital Assessment is a 5-session process that combines:
*  Two conjoint interviews with the couple (interviews where both partners are present)
*  Two individual interviews (one with each partner by himself/herself)
*  Completion of the complete “Marital Assessment Questionnaires” by each partner

The 5th session is a 90-minute feedback session led by the therapist to carefully explain the results of the assessment and to present and review the written recommended plan for Marital Therapy.

Advantages of the Marital Assessment over “Traditional” Marital Therapy

The Marriage Assessment:
*  Prevents “hyper-focus” on the initial issues presented by one or both partners;
*  Takes the “long” view by learning about a couple’s history and family influences;
*  Encourages a comprehensive evaluation that screens for issues like substance abuse and mental illness,
“detours” that detract from the relationship, and the process of marital interaction during conflict;
*  Discourages partners from holding harmful secrets;
*  Provides a roadmap (like a strategic plan) for Marital Therapy and the future of the marriage.

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