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The Summit Counseling Center
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You can help us reach further and change more lives!  Right here in North Atlanta, people who come to The Summit often enter our doors feeling alone and in crisis. They expect us and need us to address their problems professionally, compassionately, and with a strong spiritual perspective. Please help us to ensure that when you or someone you care about needs help… the staff of The Summit can be ready to help!

To reach our campaign goals, gifts of all sizes will be needed and welcomed.  This Gift Profile Chart provides an example of the different levels we can expect to receive.  Review this chart and pray about how the Lord is leading you to contribute.

Typical Commitments Over a Three Year Period

$1,000 $4,333.33 $52,000 $156,000
500 2,166.67 26,000 78,000
300 1,300 15,600 46,800
100 433.33 5,200 15,600
75 325 3,500 11,700
60 260 3,120 9,360
50 216.67 2,600 7,800
40 173.33 2,080 6,240
30 130.00 1,560 4,680
20 86.67 1,040 3,120
10 43.33 520 1,560

Your commitment may be changed at any time by notifying The Summit Counseling Center. If you have any questions about the commitment card, please call Cathy Murphy at 678-893-5300.


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