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Katie Beals

Suicide Prevention
February 10, 2020

Suicide is an epidemic that has been impacting our nation and community. It’s important to take some time to touch on this difficult topic. A big part of this is learning to be intentional about noticing things in your...

How NOT to Talk to Someone With Anxiety
January 21, 2020

It has been my experience that usually when we respond to those who are struggling, we are all trying our best to be as empathetic and kind as possible to our friends and loved ones. While our intentions are...

Could Boundaries Actually Be the Best Way of Loving People?
November 29, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I always thought of boundaries as “selfish” or “harsh.” But what if boundaries are actually a way of loving people well? Bear with me here, what if the word “boundaries” is actually synonymous...

Why Self-Care is More Productive in the Long-Run
May 2, 2018

Culture today constantly tells us, “keep pushing,” “there aren’t enough hours in the day,” “hustle,” or “work harder”. We are always receiving messages that what we’re doing is not enough, who we are is not enough, or if we...