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Mental Health

Parents Helping Teens
February 12, 2016

As adults, parents have a lot of experience handling situations that might feel distressing to a teenager. Teenagers do not have as much life experience which can make it difficult for them to choose skills to best work through...

Parity of Mental Health and Substance Use Benefits with Other Benefits: Using Your Employer-Sponsored Health Plan to Cover Services
February 11, 2016

If you are someone who is trying to figure out how to use your health coverage provided by your employer to pay for your mental health or substance use services – this sheet is for you. Your health plan...

Coping Strategies For Caregivers
November 3, 2014

There is no way to prepare in advance for being a caregiver for a family member with a serious illness. It’s simply not a role that we anticipate taking on. Unfortunately, severe illnesses and disabilities do happen. And the...

One Essential Trait of a Strong Character: Self-Control
April 18, 2012

I find myself home alone for the afternoon and into the evening.  Ah, freedom.  My time is not accounted for! I can do whatever I want. This is one of those moments in life when there are several paths...

Creating meaning and purpose in the midst of change
February 14, 2011

Throughout life it is normal and expected to experience periods of time when we seem to be transitioning from one phase of life to another.  Life transitions can be joyful – like when we get married or become a...

The Science Behind Happiness
September 29, 2010

Up until the last decade psychology has focused on the diagnosis of mental illness, empirically proven  interventions that decrease symptoms, and medications that improve daily functioning. Thanks to this research there is hope for people suffering from a multitude...