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Rebecca L Marshall

Academic Accommodations and ADHD
August 14, 2017

Is your child eligible for academic accommodations?  Parents and students often wonder about qualifying for academic accommodations, including extra time on standardized testing, in the context of a diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Academic accommodations typically granted for students...

Executive Function: What is it and why is it important for academic achievement?
September 24, 2015

Executive function is a domain of cognitive ability that is comprised of a number of distinct yet related skills, including working memory, abstract planning, sustained attention, and mental flexibility.  The executive function system allows for the regulation, control, and...

Anxiety and Executive Function
July 8, 2015

Anxiety can affect a child’s functioning in many different aspects of his or her daily life.  While mild levels of stress can actually improve performance for some activities, clinically significant anxiety is detrimental to a child’s emotional well-being.  Chronic...

Managing “Scanxiety”
June 2, 2015

The term “scanxiety” commonly refers to the anxiety, worry, and fear associated with post-treatment follow-up imaging.  A follow-up MRI or CT scan months to years after enduring cancer treatment can lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety in anticipation of...

ADHD Screening
April 9, 2015

By their very nature, children are often distractible.  A short attention span, especially in the face of a stimulating environment, is to be expected for many curious and interested children.  Young children are typically blessed with an abundance of...

Does My Child Have A Learning Disability?
December 1, 2014

If your child is struggling in school despite receiving extra help, you may be wondering if your child has a learning disability. Figuring out whether your child has a learning disability, and what to do about it, can become...

Should I Get My Child Tested for ADHD?
October 27, 2014

A child’s eyes dart from one part of the classroom to another. He blurts out answers before his name is called by his teacher. He fidgets with his hands and will not keep his legs still while seated. He...