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Solutions in Divorce, Custody and Alcohol or Drugs

One of the more painful problems faced by persons in divorce proceedings is providing for a stable environment for children and spouses where there is ongoing use of alcohol or drugs.  Even after the active user has stopped using or completed treatment uncertainty and fear remains.  The reality is that most people with alcohol or drug problems will return to use after stopping or getting counseling or treatment.  If a parent wants greater accountability and stablity for children or if a spouse wants assurance that the active alcohol or addict is remaining sober then a recovery monitoring plan is a solution.

What is a Recovery Monitoring Plan?

This is a written agreement that acknowledges the problems (alcohol, marijuana, physical abuse, cocaine, theft, etc.) and includes certain counseling or treatment requirements to address the problem(s).   The role of the counselor is to design a plan with the affected person and /or family members, maintain communication and provide services or refer to appropriate persons.  All chronic conditions use this approach to maximize health.

Addiction responds especially well to this approach and is a necessary ingredient for long term recovery.  Look at the reasonable solution of a long term agreement for counseling, medical, psychiatric, 12 step work, or family services for recovery.  Help support yourself or children during divorce proceedings or post divorce with this kind of assistance.   This can sustain all family members in new levels of good health, mental stability and spiritual well being.

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Ewell Hardman,M.Div.,MAC