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Community Advanced Practice Nurses, Inc. in collaboration with the North Fulton Mental Health Collaborative is hosting a 3-hour CRM workshop. The 3-hour CRM workshop teaches body-based self-care skills and concepts that can help participants develop resiliency resources that come from within–to deal with experiences of stress and trauma. In addition to cutting-edge mental health concepts informed by neuroscience research, the CRM workshop will provide participants with CRM skill development and small-group practice with a Certified CRM Teacher. Upon completion of the CRM workshop, participants will be able to use the CRM skills for self-care, or for sharing one-on-one with patients, family, friends, and colleagues.

The Community Resiliency Model (CRM) is a novel approach in trauma recovery and mental wellness self-care that focuses on biologic and sensory-somatic techniques. CRM skills can restore the natural balance of the nervous system by focusing on sensations of well-being. A recent randomized controlled trial of CRM demonstrated improved well-being and reduced stress among nurses at risk for burnout. Because of its universal approach and ease-of-use, CRM skills are currently being taught in over 100 countries in a myriad of settings.


Demonstration, modeling, examples, self-reflection of participants, skill practice in small facilitated groups.


  1. Describe the impact of stress and trauma on mental and physical health.
  2. Explore how current socio-environmental challenges fit into CRM’s framework for understanding stress
    and trauma.
  3. Describe the potential mechanisms of healing via sensory-motor awareness.
  4. Explain the 6 skills of CRM.
  5. Apply CRM skills to self and others in personal and professional situations.

Seating is Limited to 30 Attendees