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Completing an online screening will help you determine if your recent thoughts or behaviors may be associated with a common, treatable mental health issue.

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We recognize that receiving therapy is about you, your family and your specific needs. We want to help you prepare for your first appointment.

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Since 1990, Summit Counseling has been a trusted community partner; bringing hope, healing and restoration to children, teens, adults, couples and families.

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Validating Chronic Migraine Pain


Validating Chronic Migraine Pain
March 4 - March 7, 2024

Invalidation is a common experience for teens and young adults with chronic migraines. Research shows that people often don’t feel believed and experience self-judgement. They also often feel that...

Bridging Families to Hope


Bridging Families to Hope
March 8, 2024

Embark on a journey with us as we explore the pivotal role that healthcare providers, educators, and parents play in connecting families to the transformative intervention of Parent-Child Interaction...

Blogs, News & Book Reviews

Brain Health as Aging Adults


Brain Health as Aging Adults

The notion that brains continue to develop through age 25 has been popularized in social media and popular news outlets. While it seems that the Prefrontal Cortex does continue...

How ADHD Can Impact Emotions


How ADHD Can Impact Emotions

We are accustomed to looking for the common symptoms of ADHD. In the health care field and the school systems, we commonly look for symptoms that include, fidgeting or...