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At The Summit, we are committed to providing our services for people in need — even for those who cannot afford the full cost of counseling.

This commitment to “availability” of our services is based on our understanding of the Biblical parable of the Good Samaritan
(see The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 10, verses 25-37) who not only offered help to the person in crisis, but who also paid for his care when he could not afford it.

The Summit’s Client Assistance Fund (CAF) serves this purpose! Clients who fill out an application and provide proof of income can receive a significantly reduced out-of-pocket co-payment.  The balance of their fee is subsidized by the Client Assistance Fund–insuring that both the therapist and The Summit continue to operate on a sound financial base.

How do I apply for Client Assistance Funds?
The Client Assistance Fund application is available for download through this link. Contact The Summit at (678)893-5300 to schedule an appointment and bring your application with you.

How can The Summit operate like this?

Good question.  If it was easy, and didn’t require commitment, everyone would do it! The answer is, “Not without the support of our community and loyal supporters.” Each year the Board of The Summit must commit to raising funds for two purposes:

  1. To underwrite the Client Assistance Fund (CAF)
  2. To support the overall ministry and work of The Summit–including underwriting our operations, growth and development.

Does The Summit Counseling Center need MY financial support?

There is ALWAYS a gap between the income we receive from client fees and our expenses for rendering each hour of service.  We need your help!

How do I contribute?

We welcome one-time contributions.  However, The Summit is helped most by those who choose to make an ongoing contribution on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  To arrange this contribution, please contact our offices at 678-893-5300. Contributions can be made by cash, check or credit card, or automatic draft.

You can also make a contribution online through a confidential, secure server.  Please donate here.