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The Summit Counseling Center provides professional counseling, consultation and education services utilizing an integrated approach to care for the whole person – Body, Mind, Spirit, and Relationships.

Our Values

We are committed to:

  • Counseling – Providing an authentic, helping relationship – person to person.
  • Integration – Providing an integrated approach that promotes healing of Body, Mind, Spirit and Community.
  • Quality – Employing state licensed therapists who provide professional, integrated counseling.
  • Specialization – Developing multiple areas of specialization to serve a broad spectrum of people including such services as relationship and family counseling; play therapy for children; alcohol and substance abuse and addiction therapy; and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy).
  • Availability – Providing Client Assistance Funds to supplement the fees of people unable to afford private fees.
  • Partnership – Partnering with local schools, businesses, churches and individuals to provide counseling, education and consulting services tailored specifically to meet both the immediate and long-term goals of people in need, as well as to aid in prevention and wellness.
  • Community – Serving our community by providing counseling, consulting and educational services that are responsive to community needs and that strengthen our community.
  • Accountability – The Summit is governed by a Board of Directors and is accredited by The Samaritan Institute insuring administrative, clinical, and fiscal accountability to our clients, donors and supporters.