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Our Mission

The Summit Counseling Center provides professional counseling, psychological services, school-based mental health and community education services utilizing an integrated approach to care for individuals and families – Body, Mind, Spirit, and Relationships.

Our Vision

The Summit envisions a community where everyone, without exception, will have full access to professional, integrative behavioral healthcare services.

Our Values


Development of a skilled workforce that delivers and supports the delivery of high-quality, evidence-based clinical services.


A shared vision of values, beliefs and attitudes that drives engagement, impacts satisfaction and improves both well-being and performance at work.


Intentional efforts to communicate, collaborate, and provide meaningful feedback, both internally and externally, to accomplish our shared mission.


Demonstration of thoughtful consideration for Summit staff, both at the team and individual level, so that each employee feels seen and heard.


Engaging with our stakeholders (clients, partners, and neighbors) in a way that allows them to feel cared for, valued, and respected.