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Validating Chronic Migraine Pain

Alyssa Kiss, LAPC & Ashley Nash, LAPC

PANDA Neurology & Southeast Center for Headaches
5887 Glenridge Dr., Ste 140, Atlanta

Young Adult (19-28) Group
Monday | March 4th

Adolescent (13-18) Group
Thursday | March 7th

Parent Group
Thursday | March 7th

Invalidation is a common experience for teens and young adults with chronic migraines. Research shows that people often don’t feel believed and experience self-judgement. They also often feel that others don’t understand their experience and may feel stigmatized. There is a huge need to feel validated both by themselves and by important people in their lives.

Join us for a FREE presentation and group discussion on the experience of invalidation for chronic migraine sufferers, the process and purpose of pain validation, skills for how to validate one’s own experience of pain…and an opportunity to meet other teens, young adults, and parents from the migraine community.