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4 Ways to A Successful Year

Written by: Troy Law, M.A.
4 Ways to A Successful Year

It’s a new year and a new school semester and everyone wants to make a change for the better. Everyone wants to make a New Year’s Resolution. Unfortunately, most people will not achieve their goals and end up in the same place, doing the same things they were last year. The reason why is because most people fail to plan for the changes that they want to make.

For you to meet your desired goals for the new year and new semester you must first set the goal. Write your goals down, put it on paper and tell someone what your goal is. This is how you hold yourself accountable and give yourself a better chance of success.

Secondly, you must create a plan for how you will achieve your goals. Most goals fail because a person does not have a plan. Write out the steps that it will take for you to get your goals accomplished. What is it that you will do differently this time around than what you did previously?

Thirdly, you should prioritize your tasks and assignments accordingly. Determine and complete the tasks that are most important and most urgent that help you successfully move towards your goals.

Lastly, stay motivated! You may have to set short term goals to help you on your journey to end. Create incentives for yourself to keep going and enjoy the ride. Celebrate as you meet your short term goals and soon you will see that you’ve met your original goals.