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6 Self Care Tips to Reduce Stress

6 Self Care Tips to Reduce Stress


You can’t always control what stress life brings your way, but you can control how you choose to take care of yourself to reduce the tension you experience during those difficult times. Indulging in self-care helps you build resilience towards stress. When you neglect to focus on your personal needs, such as healthy eating habits and good rest, it can cause you to feel burnt out and more likely to react to stressors. Self-care is important for your mental, physical and emotional health. Here are some tips to reduce stress:

  1. Maintain Support System: Utilizing your support system allows for a healthier and happier life. Sometimes the best way to release stress is a shoulder to cry on or just a listening ear.
  2. Treat Yourself: Find what brings you happiness. This could mean something different for everyone. Pamper yourself to a massage, manicure/pedicure, sipping on your favorite cup of coffee, or reading your favorite book. Making yourself a priority does wonders for your mental health.
  3. Exercise: Exercising provides a release in endorphins, a distraction from stress and a support system if working out with others. Exercise is beneficial, not only physically, but also mentally. Weekly exercise, whether that’s signing up for classes to hold yourself accountable or at-home exercises for affordability and convenience, is the perfect time to clear your mind and focus on what’s important – you.
  4. Get Enough Sleep: Lack of sleep can negatively impact your ability to deal with stress. Getting into a bedtime routine will help you fall and stay asleep allowing you to begin each day with a fresh start.
  5. Plan Ahead: Using an agenda allows for you to see what you have in the upcoming weeks and to plan according. This helps reduce stress by using time management skills, prioritizing events and visually being able to see what your week looks like. Completing “to-dos” brings a sense of accomplishment and organization to your day-to-day, lowering stress when having a lot on your plate.
  6. Maintain Spirituality: Research shows that those connected spiritually lead more positive, happier lives. The power of prayer is a way to reduce stress. If you are not connected to a faith or religion, meditation is another excellent way to center yourself and release negativity from your mind, body and soul.


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