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6 Tips to Prepare for When Your College Student Come Home

6 Tips to Prepare for When Your College Student Come Home

summit-college-children-homeWith the holidays approaching, parents can often experience a mix of emotions, especially when their kids come home for the holidays. Parents often imagine having multiple conversations with their college student about his/her classes, new friends, and campus life. However, college students imagined sleeping in late, eating homecooked meals, catching up with friends and handing over their massive amount of laundry to their mom. Here are some great tips to making the holidays full of laughter and fun:

  • Try not to ask too many questions. This is the hardest thing for parents to do, but you’ll be shocked at the information that comes your way when you least expect it. This allows for your child to open communications when they feel comfortable.
  • Establish new rules. Communicate with your child what is to be expected of them while under your roof. However, take into consideration that he/she has been on their own, having complete freedom. For example: giving your child a curfew could give them the impression that you do not trust or have faith in his/her decision making.
  • Have lots of food in the house. During their time home make sure the fridge is stocked, favorite meals are cooked, and frozen dinners don’t exist. Nothing compares to when your child is eating Ramen 5 nights a week.
  • Let them sleep in. They are sleep deprived from staying up late, studying for finals, socializing, and dorm living. No one likes having a cranky child at home, it doesn’t make it peaceful for the household.
  • Expect disruption. Your child has been independent at college, not having to report to anyone. Expect their friends to be in and out of your home. (For example: their schedule might not correlate with yours). Reentering the home may feel restrictive and will require compromise on everyone’s part.
  • Comfort is key. Home sweet home! College students look forward to coming back home to their secure environment. Keep their bedroom the same. Who doesn’t love coming home to the comfort of their own bed and personal space. Example: The idea of converting their bedroom into an office or guest room can wait.

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