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ADHD and Social Skills

ADHD and Social Skills

ADHD can significantly impact children’s social skills. With ADHD there is an impulse-control component that makes it difficult for children to control themselves in social settings, and can also potentially lead to trouble reading social cues.
Impatience, Frustration, More Explosions

Research has shown that children with ADHD have a harder time regulating their emotions and remaining calm to make a decision, especially in a conflict. Dr. Russell Barkley (a renowned ADHD researcher) in a talk at the Centre for ADHD/ADD Advocacy Canada, discussed how this is due to some differences in the way the limbic system is wired. Children with ADHD have less of an ability for control in this area of their brain, which is in charge of feelings. Because of this, they can become more impatient and frustrated and explode more readily as a result.

What Does This Look Like?

This can lead to some difficult moments with other children! Perhaps you have seen your child with ADHD explode in anger, throw a tantrum, or get angry frequently with other classmates. Or, maybe you’ve noticed your child in a social situation rush to a conclusion without considering the perspective or feelings of other children. These are common struggles with children that have a diagnosis of ADHD, but there are also skill sets that can be learned with some practice.

Helping Your Child Make Progress

The Social Skills groups that we offer at The Summit help with anger management and impulse control. Once the children learn the skills to be able to control their anger or frustration, they are then able to put other social skills into practice. We also cover basic social cues, conversation starters, manners, and a variety of other topics.

Each session the children participate in role plays as a way to have a practical application of the skills they’re learning, and also engage in group activities. The children additionally see video clips and read a book each meeting to have appropriate social skills modeled to them. At the end of each group parents are sent home with recommendations of activities to be done at home, so that the children can continue to practice beyond when the group ends. By learning the tools they need to better control their impulses and express feelings appropriately, children who struggle with ADHD can make great progress in social settings!

We’re Here to Help

Social Skills Camps are available for K-2nd graders:   June 8th-12th and July 13th-17th

Social Skills Camps are Available for 3rd-5th graders: June 15th-19th and July 20th-24th

All camps run from 9-11am.


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