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Back To School Bootcamp

Back To School Bootcamp

As summer (sadly) begins to wind down, more and more parents are starting to think about helping their children transition back to school. Here are my top three tips for helping your child’s transition back to the classroom be as seamless as possible!

  1. Practice the routine. The week before school starts back, have them practice going to bed earlier (you can do this in increments too), and waking up closer to school time. You can also practice picking out their clothes for school, and laying out all the things that they would need for the next day if your child has difficulty with remembering these details.
  2. Take them school supply shopping with you. This will help them visualize all the things they need to be successful during the next school year, and can be a fun introduction to the idea of school starting again.
  3. Make a picture book! If your child struggles with routines and separation anxiety, a good tool can be taking pictures together of what the morning routine looks like, and then putting together a book to review each night. Being able to visualize the process for the morning over and over again can help your child to decrease his/her anxiety about starting school back.

Lastly, you can register for our Back to School Bootcamp!

The Bootcamp will run the week of July 27th for K-2nd graders, and the week of August 3rd for 3rd-5th graders. Both groups will run from 9-11 in the morning and be held in the basement of the Summit Counseling Center. These groups will cover important topics like anxiety, study skills, resiliency, bullying, and making friends that can help your child have a great start to the school year!
Call the front office today to register at 678-893-5300.