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Mariah Dantzler

Bullying in Middle School
May 18, 2020

We often hear this word being thrown around but what is bullying really? defines bullying as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the...

10 Fun and Unique Ways to Show Kindness
April 27, 2020

We have all heard of the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Today we are going to lay out 10 tangible ways you can show kindness to others during this season. Leave an...

Transitions: How to Cope With Change and Set Realistic Expectations and Cope With Transition
April 6, 2020

Change is inevitable, in fact they say that the only thing in life that is constant is change. If we pay attention, we can see that even in nature things are constantly changing. The seasons change, the tide changes,...

De-escalating Situations with a Child
March 18, 2020

Do you have a child that is constantly “Acting out” or participating in “undesirable behaviors”? What if there is secondary gain involved? How can I tell the difference between if a child needs more attention or if there is...

How to Keep a Routine with a Child in Treatment
January 21, 2020

It is important to understand that it may be inconvenient or near impossible to keep a routine while a family member is undergoing treatment, but we know that rhythm and routine creates feelings of safety and security. With the...

How to Tackle Bedtime
September 23, 2019

Getting down a bedtime routine is like nailing the perfect recipe. In order to have a successful, stress-free, bedtime there are a few keys ingredients that go a long way when it comes to sweet dreams. Consistency Try to...

Listening to Understand, Not to Reply
July 1, 2019

How often are we listening to understand instead of listening to change? Research shows that most conversations we have are one way; meaning that we are only listening to gain information for ourselves to then reply. When people don’t...

How Do Attachment styles from Childhood Affect my Relationships Today?
February 11, 2019

You may not know that every person has a certain attachment style and it is often developed early on in life based on the relationships with your parents or caretakers. Knowing the effects of these attachment styles can help...

4 Tips for Co-parenting with a Narcissist
November 5, 2018

Co-parenting is a dance to learn and it may always require effort for both parties involved, however, co-parenting with someone who is truly diagnosed with the personality disorder known as narcissism may require extra effort in order to build...