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10 Fun and Unique Ways to Show Kindness

10 Fun and Unique Ways to Show Kindness

We have all heard of the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Today we are going to lay out 10 tangible ways you can show kindness to others during this season.

  1. Leave an anonymous note encouraging someone you know that is going through a tough time
  2. Do a spontaneous act of kindness to a stranger or someone in your family. Some examples may be: cleaning up your sisters room, buying the person behind you an ice-cream, or taking cookies to a neighbor
  3. Volunteer or get involved with a local cause you care about by donating your time or helping to fundraise for it
  4. Next time you hear gossip change the course of the conversation to something positive about the person or the situation
  5. Sit with a new group at lunch and start a “switch it up” at lunch program where you sit with a new group once a month
  6. Write a thank you note to someone in your life who has always been there for you and show your gratitude towards them
  7. Take notes to a friend or classmate who is out sick from school and drop off the notes with a get well soon card
  8. Leave kind messages on people’s social media posts that encourage and inspire them
  9. Spend phone free quality time with a family member doing an activity of their choice and immerse yourself in it!
  10. Practice self-care! Write yourself a love note, take a bubble bath, engage in your favorite activity, dance in front of the mirror, etc!

If you do these simple yet fun acts of kindness, I bet you’ll be spreading joy as well as feeling joy this season.