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Effectively Navigating Change

Effectively Navigating Change

Fall is approaching and there will be significant changes in our world. Leaves will fall and the temperature will as well. This is a change that we expect to happen each year. Expected changes can be nice however does that mean we will be prepared for them or know how to handle the change? There are changes that occur in life whether expected or unexpected and we choose how to respond to them. Change can be difficult for children and teens; however, we can model for them how to effectively navigate these changes. Communication, expressing feelings, and the settling (or having a new normal) are keys to navigating change.

Communication is an important part of managing changes. If everyone knows as much information as possible (and appropriate) they will feel involved and have some sense of control. Lack of control is something that makes changes difficult therefore identifying the things that are in our control can be empowering.

Whether you are a child or adult, it is okay to express how difficult a change is for you. It not only helps us process our emotions, but also models for children that even though this is uncomfortable, I can use skills to get through this.

Seasons of change may seem long however they do not last forever. Things will settle down and we can resume our lives or begin adjusting to our new normal. Whether it is an expected or unexpected changed take a moment to reflect on what has changed and what these changes mean for you.