Five ADHD Home Remedies

Five ADHD Home Remedies

Whether your child has been officially diagnosed with ADHD/ADD or just shows certain ADHD/ADD tendencies, there are certain strategies you can try to get your child through a challenging school year.

Structure and routine

As parents we have to be disciplined and consistent enough ourselves to routinely implement and enforce bedtimes for adequate sleep (8-10 hours), set clothes out the night before, a select few chores to conquer in the morning (make the bed, put dishes away), a select time and place to do homework/study, and an injection of breaks/rewards for completed work/chores.

Video games in moderation

Any child, especially an ADHD/ADD child, will play video games all afternoon, evening, and nightlong if you let him, so set boundaries of no more than an hour of video games during the weekdays, and no more than 2-3 hours a day during the weekends (including Fridays).

Get active

Every child (or adult for that matter) should find time in a day to sweat for at least 15-20 minutes because of the benefits exercise does for the brain, especially the ADHD/ADD brain.  When parents are more active themselves and make it a point to routinely exercise, it increases the chances of their child following suit.

Nutrition and diet

It’s really not necessary to totally revolutionize your fridge or pantry, but it is important increase your child’s daily protein intake (especially with breakfast) and decrease sugars and carbs (again, moderation is key here).  Proteins can be made fun for children too because they include beef jerky, chicken and sausage biscuits, cheese sticks, and even cold pizza (thin crust preferably).

Get involved

It’s key for not only parents to get involved at their child’s school, but find ways to get your child involved too.  This just doesn’t mean clubs and sports, it also means finding ways for your child to help the teachers out during class by helping them run school errands or hand materials out in class, especially the inattentive ADHD child that bores easy.

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