Healthy New Year Resolutions

Healthy New Year Resolutions

As the holidays come to an end and the new year approaches, you are probably beginning to make new year resolutions. I like new year resolutions; it’s healthy to explore and reflect on the ways you can be your best self. The good news is that being the best version of yourself doesn’t have to mean being perfect, losing weight, pleasing others, or spending hours reading self-improvement books. You don’t have to completely change yourself or your values to feel happy. In fact, you can live a more authentic, fulfilling life when you act in accordance with your values. As you are creating resolutions this new year, see if you can reflect on your values and figure out what really matters to you. Then you can find ways to bring that to life in your daily living! Here are a few examples of values and how to incorporate them into your life this new year:

Close relationships:

If you value being close to others and enjoy deep connection, try scheduling more time with a loved one to connect this year. Perhaps you can plan two times per month to get together and spend quality time.

Relaxation and leisure:

If you value relaxing and having no set schedule, make it a point to plan vacations this year or take one weekend per month to have no schedule!

Achieve things in life:

If you value achievement and reaching goals, pick 1 significant goal you’d like to accomplish this year and work towards it!


If you value being a spiritual person, then find ways to connect with your faith this year.


If you value integrity, find ways to incorporate honesty into your life. Whether that’s making it a point to own your wrong doings and accept responsibility or to be accepting of other people and yourself.

New year resolutions can be anything you want them to be, but you are more likely to work toward goals that feel authentic and beneficial. 2020 is going to be your year, I can feel it! Happy New Year!