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Home from College

Home from College

The Coronavirus has changed how most of us conduct our day to day life and most of us found ourselves trying to quickly adapt to many fast changes. If you are a college student, you may find yourself in a completely different situation than you were a month ago. College is a transition by itself; you are beginning adulthood, and you may have moved out of your childhood home for the first time.

Now, you find yourself back at home, still navigating classes, and waiting for your life off at college to start back up again. It can be difficult to leave college and this sudden extended Summer can certainly cause stress and sadness. Here are some ways to combat the feelings you may have while at home:

  • Have an Online Get Together: Just because seeing friends in person is not possible right now, does not mean you cannot hang out. Using VideoChat, invite your friends to hangout online. This could be a themed get together or just a time to catch up. Continue to be intentional about speaking to and ‘hanging out with’ your friends from college.
  • Treat Online Classes the Same as You Would In-Person: Adjusting from in-person classes to online can be difficult. You may find it difficult to pay attention and keep up with assignments. Try to keep the same schedule as you would on campus. Here are some tips as you make the shift to online:
    • Try to participate in class.
    • Take notes the same way you would during an in-person class.
    • Complete your classes in a quiet place with little distractions.
  • Recreate a Similar Schedule: It is certainly easy to slip out of a routine, especially as you are trying to adjust to major changes. However, maintaining a schedule can be very helpful in your transition from college to home. If you studied at a certain time of day, try to keep that up; if you hung out with friends on a certain day, try to schedule an online hangout or phone call during that time. Maintaining normalcy and a schedule can help difficult transitions, such as this.
  • Write Down Things You are Grateful For – This may seem like an obvious one but try to actively bring positivity into your life. This can be a sad and stressful time and while you are not ignoring or discounting those feelings, remind yourself of even one thing that you are grateful for each day. Write it down in a journal or even on a bathroom mirror in dry erase marker.
  • Try a New Hobby – If you are finding yourself with a lot of newfound free time, trying something new could help fill the gaps. Try your hand at painting or writing; start a garden; or maybe a new active hobby like running or yoga. Pick something you would enjoy and see where it takes you.