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How to Maintain Your Mental Health During the Holiday Season and a Pandemic

How to Maintain Your Mental Health During the Holiday Season and a Pandemic

The holiday season can be a joyful time for many, but this time of year may increase people’s symptoms who experience mental health diagnoses. The holiday season can cause a lot of stress and isolation for many people. Individuals and families are now having to navigate the added stress of the pandemic and how it can cause additional isolation. It is important during this time, to recognize and prioritize our needs. Here are some ways in which we all can practice and prioritize our mental health over the next few months.

  • Be mindful of gatherings and safety precautions during the pandemic
  • Identify what your needs may be whether it is more relaxation time or focusing on yourself
  • Identify causes of stress, which can help us identify positive ways to cope
  • Write a journal entry of things you have been grateful for throughout this year
  • Set time aside for yourself and prioritize self-care
  • Exercise daily and try to spend time outdoors
  • Practice relaxation techniques and set time aside to unwind
  • Reach out to a peer or family member for support
  • Even during the holiday season, try to be mindful of eating healthy meals
  • Focus on your sleep hygiene and try to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep daily
  • Enjoy time spent with family and friends

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“Be present in all things and thankful for all things ” – Maya Angelou