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How to Practice and Become Resilient in The New Year

How to Practice and Become Resilient in The New Year

Entering the new year, many people tend to focus on goals with many of them being self-focused goals. Many of us want to integrate more self-love, discipline, and resiliency. One reminder about our goals is to make sure they are realistic and measurable. This means slowly entering your goals into your schedule and being kind to yourself when hiccups occur. Remember, speak to yourself how you speak and encourage others. Making your goals measurable means checking if what you’re doing is successful and meeting your goals. This helps with allowing us to reassess and make changes if needed.

Learning how to become more resilient can help with overall daily functioning and how we handle conflicts. Having different stress reduction skills – such as working out or journaling – can help. Also, having better social skills can assist with how we communicate to ourselves and others. Being able to focus on our strengths can help us focus on what we can do and how this can help manage situations that come our way. Having a positive support system can help us cope better with others and provide us with a sense of security. Another way to build resiliency is to practice daily affirmations. These eventually can be used during high-stress moments and bring us back to a baseline.

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“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it” – Margaret Thatcher