Improving Self-Esteem by Practicing Positive Affirmations Daily

Improving Self-Esteem by Practicing Positive Affirmations Daily

A helpful, but not always easy, way to improve feelings of self-worth is the daily practice of positive affirmations. I like to use affirmations as a mental exercise, getting the mind into healthy shape. Positive Affirmations are helpful in training and conditioning one’s self-talk to be encouraging, empowering, and assuring.

If you experience states of feeling down and low self-worth, you might also struggle with negative self-talk and speak harshly to oneself. In those times, try being intentional about keeping a daily practice of speaking positive affirmations and gentle words. Some examples of positive affirmations are:

  • I am made strong, through God’s Loving Spirit.
  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • I am enough.
  • I am loved

It is through setting intention and practice that we can establish new thought patterns and habit in our self-talk and start to believe and feel those things to be true about ourselves. You may find that practicing positive affirmations is too challenging because you just do not feel those positive sentiments towards yourself. Why not try affirmations that speak to a person working at self-improvement and growth, such as:

  • I am learning how to love myself and others more each day.
  • I am creating healthier habits.
  • I am learning to prioritize my mental health.
  • I am working at becoming my best self.
  • I am taking it one day at a time towards inner healing.

Commit to practicing positive affirmations daily for one month. Through repetition you are beginning the process of reconditioning yourself to think more positively, impacting your conscious and subconscious mind. You can do this in the morning or during the evening time. I like to journal my positive affirmations. Practice speaking gentle and affirming words and let me know what comes up for you and success you have at!