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Laura Arcuragi Joins Summit Counseling Center

Laura Arcuragi Joins Summit Counseling Center

The Summit Counseling Center is pleased to announce that Laura Arcuragi has joined their team as a Staff Therapist and the Director of their new DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Program. Laura brings years of concentrated experience and intensive training in her specialization, as she helps to create and implement this new program.

In her role, Laura will be developing The Summit’s own DBT Program, targeting the needs of this community while staying true to the research-based protocol that makes DBT such an effective form of therapy. Laura will also be working with The Summit to go into the community, schools, and congregations to help bring education and hands-on training for those who are first responders and administrators where those at high risk may be. Together, Laura hopes that this will be an effective way to bring hope and tangible help for clients, family members and helpers dealing with more acute situations and disorders.

Prior to joining the Summit, Laura has worked and provided care in multiple therapeutic settings, from private practice, to Intesive Outpatient Settings and directly in mental health facilities. Laura is Intensively Trained by Behavioral Tech, LLC and hopes that her training, coupled with experiences with multiple programs, will help her create an effective and approachable program where clients will feel confident in their care and others providers will feel safe collaborating with us.

The Summit Counseling Center is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization that provides individual, family and group counseling services to the greater community of North Atlanta. Visit their website at to learn more about the Summit, their staff, services, and upcoming events.