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Make Time for Yourself

Make Time for Yourself

From mega-media stars to best-selling books telling us how to be effective and to work hard, one can see that today’s society has grown to place a large value on productivity. While it is good to contribute to society by working in your chosen field, it is just as important to invest in having a quality personal life. In today’s times, some people have gotten to the point where their job title is engrained as a part of their personality. As a result, along with the average person working 40+ hours a week, people often leave little time for their personal life.

While it is vital to work, overworking can lead to more harm than good. By not having a proper work-life balance, one can experience anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, general health issues, burnout, and more. Therefore, it is essential that one plans ways to separate work from their personal life. Here are a few ways to ensure that you have time set aside for self-care:

  • Deliberately plan a time where you can relax or engage in an activity that you enjoy uninterrupted. This can include going to a concert, a sports event, your favorite store, or simply binge watching your favorite show.
  • Set a time to complete work tasks and once that time is up, leave it for the next day(there will always be tasks to complete.)
  • If you do work at home, designate one area to do so. This is so your place of rest and relaxation can be just that.
  • Prioritize responsibilities in order of importance
  • Put any distractions away during work hours (phone, tablet, TV, etc.)

Resting and engaging in preferred activities is important for your well-being. Pause, take a deep breath and remember we are not living only to work. Enjoy your life to the fullest.