Managing Spring Fever

Managing Spring Fever

It’s been cold for several months and now the seasons are starting to change. The sun is warm, the flowers are blooming, and it feels great to be outside. Now that the weather is warmer you may find yourself wanting to be anywhere but inside at work or school. Daydreaming of the beach, wanting a vacation, or desiring to be anywhere other than inside at work or school? Looks like you’ve got spring fever! So, what to do? We all know that life doesn’t stop just because the seasons change, even though we wish warm weather meant months of vacation! Struggling with this? Here are some tips to try:

1) Schedule a vacation. If you can take time off, do it and make the most of it. Plan a fun vacation to unwind and relax.

2) Make the most of your weekends! The weekends are a great way to get in some self-care and outdoor relaxation for two full days! Plan a hike, go on a picnic, check out the zoo, or check out some new cities close by!

3) Take your regular breaks outside. Lunchtime? Coffee break? Enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes to rejuvenate yourself during times when you’d already been taking a break.

4) Make the most of daylight savings time! Use the extra daylight to take a walk or be outside after work or school.

5) If you must be in the car, roll down your windows or open your sunroof! Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine while you drive.

6) Be mindful of your thoughts. When you find yourself not wanting to be inside, notice it, and bring your attention back to what you’re doing. Remind yourself that you can reward yourself with a break or enjoy the weather after your done with your commitments and responsibilities.

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