Managing Stress: Part 1 – Getting Organized

Written by: Kate Smith, M.A.
Managing Stress: Part 1 – Getting Organized

Stress can be difficult to manage. We try to make time for things we enjoy, like hobbies, spending time with friends and family, or traveling. But even those activities can be stressful when our schedules are already packed. Sometimes the fun things we plan just bring on more stress!

The first step to managing stress in any area of our life is organization. Utilizing calendars, making lists and staying on top of priorities are all key examples of staying organized, but one area often overlooked is our environment. There is a strong connection between a clean and organized home and how ‘clean and organized’ our mind feels.

If we look around and see stacks of mail, dishes or laundry, without even realizing it, our minds begin to feel overwhelmed. That image sticks in our subconscious all day and regardless of how productive we are at work or running errands, we always feel a step behind. Now imagine having taken just a few extra minutes the night before to put the laundry away. Yes, you were exhausted, but imagine how good it would feel waking up and seeing an empty laundry basket and all your clothes exactly where they belong. You deserve a pat on the back! One item crossed off the list already and you haven’t even brushed your teeth! This feels so good, you might even load the dishwasher before heading out the door. Another item crossed off that list. Plus, the added bonus of walking in to a clean kitchen which may inspire you to make something special for dinner.

Each step of organizing your environment works to inspire another and further increase that rock star status we all deserve. Hey, adulting is hard. We deserve some recognition. What small victories can you celebrate today?