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Overcoming an Anxious Mind

Overcoming an Anxious Mind

Anxiety is something we all experience, however there are times when anxiety can feel and become burdensome and impact our mood because of feeling weighed down by anxious thoughts. It is amazing how powerful our thoughts and self-talk can be and especially as it can trigger certain emotions and physical responses in our body.

An example may be feeling anxious before a school exam. See the difference self-talk and our thoughts can make. If you think “There is no way I will pass this exam. I have never been a good test taker”. Chances are you may begin feeling insecure going into the exam. The feeling of being insecure may trigger a physical response in your body, such as heart beating faster, sweaty hands, and this overwhelming response can lead to losing focus which can then impact one’s performance on an exam!

Let us switch things up now, to see the difference self-talk and thoughts make. If your thoughts are “I put a lot of effort and time into studying for the exam. I am more prepared because of the time and effort spent studying”. Imagine how this self-talk can make you feel more reassured; perhaps more confident going into the test. As a result, the body’s response is not one of being afraid and scared, but you now feel less anxious and are able to focus and concentrate better during the exam.

The above is just one example of the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behavior. I encourage you to challenge yourself to overcome anxiety by restructuring or changing self-talk and changing your inner dialogue. Discover how you can master your thoughts and overcome an anxious mind.