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Rock Solid Parenting

Rock Solid Parenting

Rock Solid Parenting
by Lenore Doster

Dr. Lenore Doster’s parenting plan is one written by a committed Christian who is also a veteran therapist. She has been in the trenches with parents and children and shares her experiences and God-given “rock solid” wisdom. — David Smith, M.Div., M.A., LPC

Dr. Doster offers a practical and systemic method proven effective in her own life and family. The adaptable elements and examples of life coaching and parenting plans make this a valuable read for parents who really care about who and what is in control of their family climate. An enjoyable and helpful book that I highly recommend. — Rev. Steve Wood, Sr. Pastor, Mount Pisgah UMC

Lenore Doster provides an excellent resource for parents — helpful, personal , and insightful. Her wisdom as a counselor, who is also a mother and a daughter, provides a wonderful platform to help parents grow forward well. The section on blended families is the best I have seen. — Dr. Allen Hunt, The Allen Hunt Show

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