Simple Ways to Stay Stimulated When Binge-Watching Gets Boring

Simple Ways to Stay Stimulated When Binge-Watching Gets Boring

Create a conversation jar

Have everyone come up with lots of fun, silly or deep questions and place them in a jar. Take turns picking questions, and enjoy going down a fun rabbit hole of conversations! You might learn something new about a family member. If you need help coming up with questions, here is a list of  225 Conversation Starters for Any Situation and all age groups. Conversing with others is a great way to feel stimulated, especially when you have already rewatched your favorite episodes of The Office or Seinfeld…

Journal or write a short story

Maybe you are tired of talking with your roommates or partner, now what? Turn inward and journal to stimulate your brain. Journaling brings you into a mindful state and helps you live in the present moment. Writing helps you release energy, get your thoughts untangled, and could spark creativity. You might feel inspired to write a short story!  ahead and create a world in your imagination to travel to! Here are 30 Journaling Prompts for Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery to get you started.

Play Charades

Test your nonverbal skills with this fun and silly game. Not only will you be stimulated mentally, but your body gets some movement as well. Go ahead, have fun and enjoy some friendly competition. Here are 120 Easy and Hard Charades Ideas – Suitable for Any Age Group!

Virtual tour of The American Botanical Gardens

Spring is here and so are the beautiful blooms! Many of us are itching to go to a beautiful garden, so enjoy spring “quarantine style”  and Take a Virtual Tour of the American Botanical Gardens. Take your time and see how many plants you can identify, talk about what you think the plants might smell or feel like. Pretend you are truly there!