Starting Your Year Off Right

Starting Your Year Off Right

With a new year comes a clean slate and high expectations. Losing weight, being more organized, whatever it is you aim for, it’s probably not an easy goal to meet. Once you start trying to meet them, it’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged. Here are a few simple ways to stay positive and keep yourself on track.

Be thankful. While it sounds simplistic, being grateful for what you have is a quick path to positivity. Next time you’re wishing for something you don’t have, take a moment to remember all that you do have and remember this quote — “Never let what you want prevent you from enjoying what you have.”

Stay fueled. While you probably know that being hungry makes you cranky, research shows that not eating enough also releases cortisol, the stress hormone. This will in turn make you gain weight, despite lower caloric intake. To lose weight experts recommend cutting 50 calories a day until you find a comfortable amount.

Be kind. When we are kind to others, it improves our relationships, helps us to see others more positively and makes us feel good in turn. This one is easier and will benefit others as well.

Head outdoors. When the mid-afternoon slump strikes, instead of heading to the vending machine, head outside. It doesn’t have to be long but a five-minute stroll in the fresh air and sunshine will do wonders for your energy levels and mood.

Do a self check. It only takes 5 minutes and could make a big difference. Head to our partners (here) for an anonymous and free mental health exam to see if your symptoms need professional attention.

On their own, these tips are beyond simple. When done together, they can help you go far in reaching your goals and get your year off to a great start.