Summer Blues: Back to School

Summer Blues: Back to School

As the days of summer are coming to an end, a new school year is quickly approaching us. Summers tend to be non-structured and care-free, so getting back into “the swing of things” with a new school year comes with obvious challenges.

Use the last few weeks of summer to start preparing for your successful, stress-free school year by following these tips for your teen:

  • Set up a healthy sleep routine. Relaxed summer schedules mean late nights and a lot of sleeping in for teens. Help your teen start going to bed and waking up earlier to prepare for the upcoming school schedule and the impending early mornings.
  • Set healthy goals for success. Talk with your teen about what he or she wants to accomplish this school year. A new club? Sport? Student Council? Sky is the limit.
  • Create healthy expectations. Discuss what healthy expectations for the year are. Let you teen know that doing the best she or he can do is what is important. Talk openly about grades, stress, or fears your teen might have about the new school year.
  • Ask your teen to pick out a planner. Set your teen up for success with a place to write down all his or her assignments and keep track during the school year.
  • Plan ways to destress. Talk with your teen about self-care for the school year. Help him or her plan ways to destress from school such as a sport, joining a gym, or picking out a hobby.
  • Back to school shopping. Plan a day to go shopping for necessary school supplies. Your teen will feel less stressed knowing that he or she has everything they need for the first day of school.

You don’t have to miss out on the last few weeks of summer while you plan for the new school year. Pick one or two days to plan and prepare – then continue enjoying your summer!

If your teen needs someone to talk to this school year, The Summit Counseling Center has a licensed school-based therapist in several high schools and middle schools including Alpharetta, Centennial, Chattahoochee, Johns Creek, Milton, Northview, Northwestern, and River Trail. To schedule an appointment or for more information call 678-893-5300 or visit us at