Summit’s Statement Against Racism and Social Injustice

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Racism is a public health issue. This insidious and systemic disease that is interwoven into our history is not always overt, but our brothers and sisters continue to suffer from the symptoms of racism and discrimination every day.  As Christians, we are called to not only acknowledge the uncomfortable truths about racial injustice, but to actively speak out and fight for those who have been hurt and mistreated.   

 The Summit Counseling Center is committed to helping our community heal, and holding space for feelings of sadness, anger, pain and despair. This is the time to listen, and to allow those who are marginalized to feel seen and to be heard. Our goal is to advocate for social justice, not only in the intimacy of a therapy session, but also through internal conversations and ongoing community outreach initiatives.

We stand together against racism and social injustice.
Summit Staff, Leadership and Board of Directors