You Are Enough

Written by: Stephen Walters, M.Div., M.A.
You Are Enough

“You are enough” is one of my most loved and most hated phrases. On the one hand, it can be very assuring. It can be the phrase that keeps you from comparing yourself to other people, especially unrealistic images we see in the media. On the other hand, it can be a phrase that is just a reminder that something is bother you and that you just need to get over it. I think the power of the phrase comes from which voice is speaking it.

Growing up, I had no shortage of people to compare myself to. I am the youngest of three boys, and both of my older brothers are amazing. No matter what activity I participated in, there was always someone better than me. When I watched TV or looked in books, I would find myself wishing I was someone else. Despite being told that I was good and enough, I struggled to believe it.

The truth is, I still do. I am still not the best at anything. I don’t have the look or skills of many people I know in real life or through the media. If I’m being honest, this causes seasons of anxiety and insecurity for me. I have feelings of doubt. I wonder what good am I really doing.

There are two things that help me. One, I made the realization several years ago that no matter how good you are, there is most often someone better. I accept that and do not let it limit me in becoming the best I can be. The other thing that helps me is knowing I was not made in the image of anyone else that I compare myself to. I was not created to be my brothers. I was not created to be anyone I watch in the movies. I was not created to be the people I compare myself too. I was created to be the best version of me and to reflect the glory of my Creator.

So, wherever you are in life, if you find yourself struggling with the constant comparisons and “failure” to measure up, may you have inside of you the voice that says, “you are enough.” May this voice not be there because I say it to you. May it be inside of you because the voice of your Creator says it, and because you believe it. I believe that everyone one of us (including you) is created to make a difference that only YOU can make. So, you were created to be enough. May you believe it and may that give you the strength to be the difference you were created to be.