12 Tips for Building Better Relationships with Your Children

12 Tips for Building Better Relationships with Your Children
  1. Set aside time weekly to spend time engaging in an activity that your child enjoys.
  2. Praise positive behavior that your child exhibits. Research has shown that positive reinforcement can positively improve a child’s social skills and behaviors.
  3. Give compliments – this can lead to a higher self-esteem in your child. Tell them how much you care, love, and appreciate them.
  4. Give them uninterrupted time regularly to just talk about any new experiences, challenges, and interests.
  5. Give yourself me time to explore your interest and rejuvenate. As a result, you can be a better parent and provide undivided attention to your child during moments when they need you.
  6. Provide them with an opportunity to explore through taking trips, vacations, or going on outings in which they can explore new areas and have unique experiences with you.
  7. Eat meals with your children.
  8. Give them space to explore and learn on their own.
  9. Teach them how enforce appropriate boundaries for themselves.
  10. Model appropriate and positive communication styles so that they can exhibit this when speaking with you.
  11. Find a balance between screen time activities and actual play so that your child can benefit from both activities in healthy manner.
  12. Take time to participate in physical activities with your child, whether it be dancing, walking, running, etc. Research has shown that physical activity can lead to the production of endorphins which can reduce stress and improve your mood.

Enjoy how valuable your children are and remember that you are their first and biggest supporter!