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Continuing or Starting Counseling During COVID19

Continuing or Starting Counseling During COVID19

Social distancing and stay at home orders during the COVID19 pandemic can make life feel foreign, scary, and weird. Like most of us, you may be thinking you had a lot of life stressors going on prior the pandemic which makes life feel more overwhelming now. You may be wondering how to handle your mental health now that there is something “bigger” to focus on. Perhaps you were referred to counseling or a DBT skills group by a doctor or have been planning on starting counseling or a DBT group on your own for a while now. You might be wondering if you should continue going to counseling right now. Regardless of the pandemic, now is still a good and okay time to focus on your mental health. In fact, it might be something you have healthy control over! Seeking treatment for your mental health and continuing to take care of yourself can benefit you in many ways.  Read below for the top reasons to continue focusing on your mental health right now:

  1. Mental illness does not stop because of COVID19. In fact, it’s now more important now than ever to take care of yourself and create healthy coping strategies to manage emotions and stressors.
  2. Putting your treatment for mental health on hold won’t benefit you in the long run. Short term, it might feel easier to focus only on the pandemic, but long term your mental health may suffer.
  3. Social distancing, isolation, and heightened fear can worsen many mental health issues. Starting counseling can provide you with needed support during this time.
  4. Building up courage to start counseling can take time, if you’re at a place where you’re ready, don’t wait and lose the motivation to start focusing on you.
  5. Your life, wellbeing, and mental health is still important right now.

At the Summit Counseling Center, licensed therapists are providing TeleMental Health services to existing clients and new clients. The Summit’s DBT team is also continuing to provide DBT individual counseling and DBT skills groups using Telemental Health services. If you or a loved one are considering counseling, please call the Summit at 678-893-5300.