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Flourishing in Fall

Written by: Lanota Fludd, M.P.A, M.Ed
Flourishing in Fall

As fall quickly approaches, there is both a level of excitement and fatigue that sets in for some who realize they have completed spring and summer. It is celebrated that the summer vacation was amazing and that the kids made it back to school safely. Yet fall is also the time when for some fatigue sets in. The demands of home, work, and other responsibilities can sometimes leave a person feeling truly fatigued. Additionally, when they factor in the thoughts of preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, that fatigue can increase.

There is good news, though, as there are ways to flourish. Here are five mindfulness tips to aide you in this area:

  1. Practice deep breathing. Most people take shallow breaths, so deep breathing is a way to force a pause in thought which can help you think clearly.
  2. Prioritize sleep. Be intentional about preparing for sleep. This should include turning off screens as having them on impacts restful REM sleep.
  3. Get exercise. Do something daily, whether it’s a walk around the block or going up and down a flight of stairs multiple times.
  4. Be intentional about your time and managing it.
  5. Establish a goal, building a timeline on when you would like to accomplish it.

Remember, you can flourish when you implement strategies to accomplish your goals.