How to Support Your LGBTQ+ Child

How to Support Your LGBTQ+ Child

Having family support for your child identifying in the LGBTQ community can be beneficial to their overall mental health and physical health. Being accepted by your family can decrease mental health symptoms such as isolation, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation. Supporting your child can help increase their self-esteem and provide social support for your child at home.

There are several different approaches to utilize within your family to help support your child and your family through this journey of life. Utilizing every individual in your family’s strengths can help move everything in the right direction. We all have strengths when it comes to thinking, processing, and communicating, so use this to your advantage.

Learning better ways to communicate with one another may be an area that needs strengthening.

Making sure everyone feels seen and heard throughout conversations can help promote safety and security in difficult conversations.

Entering each conversation with nonjudgment can also promote safety.

Identifying boundaries can also be beneficial to all family members.

This may be different for everyone, so have open conversations about this as well. Remember that everyone is doing their best, and try to meet them where they are. Everyone’s needs are different and can evolve over time. Allow yourself space and time. Provide yourself and your family with the necessary resources to help increase competence.

Providing your family with tools and safety can help your family grow. Contact the Summit Counseling Center for individual and family sessions!

Remember, we are all human.