Mastering the Test

Written by: Lanota Fludd, M.P.A, M.Ed
Mastering the Test

As we enter the Spring season within schools, we enter the timeframe of the year where student testing occurs. For some students, the results of these tests mean the difference between being promoted to the next grade or being retained. As a result of the weight of testing, some students suffer from test anxiety. These students worry about the outcome of the test so much that it impacts their ability to actually perform.

Students are not the only ones who are measured through testing. Adults also have to face various tests. As an adult, testing may come in the form of assessments to gain employment, testing to obtain licensure, or testing to maintain employment. In fact, the CDC notes that 11.7% of adults 18 and over experience anxiety.

The good news is that there are some things that can be done when testing anxiety occurs. Below are some tips to Master the Test:

  • Avoid over-preparing. Studying all day and night has never shown to garner great results, and it often leaves a person with mental fatigue.
  • Prepare early.
  • Ensure that you take breaks, if possible, during the test.
  • When answering questions, read the entire question, rule out the answers you know are totally inaccurate, and then select an answer.
  • Lastly, REST the night before, as proper sleep ensures you are better able to excel during the day.

Finally, avoid the cognitive distortion of fortune telling (attempting to predict the unknown).

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