Recovery for Good

Recovery for Good

Some things are wonderful for a short while, but really awful if they don’t last! Marriage is a wonderful experience but when it doesn’t last you wish it never happened. Friendship is wonderful until lying starts then you regret ever meeting. Having your dream job is wonderful until getting fired prematurely turns all your hopes into despair!

Getting sober is great until a relapse occurs. So how do we get to lasting recovery? Our research, the tradition of AA and common knowledge all agree on the answer. But why do so many fail?

First, long term recovery requires an acceptance that addiction of any kind is a chronic condition that is not solved with a short term effort. Chronic is by definition something that is ongoing. An addicted person is vulnerable to symptom re-occurrence for many years. The drinker may drink again if the wrong mix of circumstance, feelings, and attitudes are present. The gambler may have a compulsion to gambling again. The sex addict may desire to act out again and in a moment of carelessness and risk important relationships.

The problem has mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, and physiological components. Now we frequently refer to addiction as a brain disease because the Problem affects our thinking and feeling and judgment. The Solution to addiction requires a comprehensive understanding as well.

Recovery Monitoring is a commitment to maintain a balanced and comprehensive recovery program over a long period of time in an accountable professional relationship where risky attitudes, behaviors, and emotions get addressed. Such a relationship helps persons rebuild lost trust with family members, courts, employers, and boards and agencies. At The Summit Counseling Center this service supports persons whether they favor a 12 step based recovery, Christ centered recovery, or individual spontaneous voluntary recovery efforts. Whether you struggle with chronic pain, chemical dependency, compulsive shoplifting, gambling, sexual addiction, drinking, or dual diagnosis the same structure offers hope, consistency, and a foundation for lasting change.

The solution for multiple relapse and failure to thrive in recovery is successful treatment followed by long term Recovery Monitoring. Recovery is wonderful….until it is lost. Recovery Monitoring can help you find recovery for good.