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Ewell Hardman

Spiritual Care in Recovery
January 21, 2020

There is still a need for a spiritual approach in recovery services.  But such an approach has many challenges.  Nevertheless, we should offer solutions to problems our clients bring to recovery services; problems they previously used drugs and alcohol...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Helping Someone with Alcoholism
April 14, 2015

Having a friend or loved one who struggles with alcohol abuse can be an overwhelming situation. Whether they’re just getting help or have been in recovery for a while, saying and doing the right thing can be tricky. Handling...

Alcohol Awareness Month
April 3, 2015

An occasional glass of wine with dinner or a beer while watching the game is an enjoyable experience. But as with most things in life, too much of a good thing is possible. But where is that line? How...

Teen Drug Addiction: It’s mushrooming out of control
October 20, 2014

In today’s society, kids are experimenting with everything at much earlier ages:  drugs and sex being the most prevalent and widely linked together. Parents commonly believe that street drugs draw the kids into chemical addiction, but the real gateway...

Recovery for Good
February 28, 2011

Some things are wonderful for a short while, but really awful if they don’t last! Marriage is a wonderful experience but when it doesn’t last you wish it never happened. Friendship is wonderful until lying starts then you regret...

How Science Helps Us Understand Addiction
December 14, 2010

We want to make a terrific resource available to you.  This publication from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) presents what current science has to say about substance abuse and addiction, with special focus on how substances affect...

Got Alcohol and Drug related Legal problems?
October 14, 2010

Take the first step to address legal problems that are related to alcohol or drug use. Determine if you need an attorney to assist in the process. Courts allow persons with misdemeanors, (i.e. persons with minor in possession or misdemeanor...

Court Diversion Services Underway
October 6, 2010

Got substance related court problems? Check out our services to address both legal and substance abuse issues at the same time. Services are available at The Summit Counseling Center in Alpharetta and at Forsyth MAPP Diversion Program, Cumming. (

Synthetic Marijuana Testing is HERE!
September 10, 2010

Synthetic marijuana, K-2,Serenity, Spice,Genie, Smoke,Pot-pourri,Buzz, Hush, and other names are used to describe a drug alternative to marijuana.  It is sold on the street and used in our community by young people.  “Spice”, one of the more familiar names, is...

Solutions in Divorce, Custody and Alcohol or Drugs
September 8, 2010

One of the more painful problems faced by persons in divorce proceedings is providing for a stable environment for children and spouses where there is ongoing use of alcohol or drugs.  Even after the active user has stopped using...